Today, tomorrow and long after...

After the final moments

We have all, at some time in our lives, thought about the final moments of our existence and about what we want to leave to our friends and family after we're gone.
Photos, videos, important documents, or just a few words...
We want to be sure that this information will be be in good hands when we're no longer around.

Thanks to YourLastMails, this is now possible - with full confidentiality!

Freedom to choose

Our secure service lets you leave documents that can be viewed only after your demise – and only by the person or people you choose.

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Share your thoughts

With YourLastMails, this is now possible.

Send memories

You can attach files to your messages.

Yourlastmails, your virtual safe-deposit box

Your documents will be secure.

Today, tomorrow and long after...

The various management modes

Once you have chosen the package that best suits you, we offer a choice of three ways to manage it.

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“Trusted Person”
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Automatic + “Trusted Person”
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