Today, tomorrow and long after...

The angel Gabriel, the messenger...

A few months after the death of my grandmother, while doing some housework, I found a wooden box under her bed. I was keen to see what was inside … and it was a real surprise! She had taken the time to write me a letter in case she departed before her time. She would have liked me to read it out at her funeral; these were the words that she would have liked to hear. A letter, a few photos, and the recipe for her blueberry tart that I loved so much.

And that was when I found out that my grandmother had wanted to give me a message that, unfortunately, I did not receive in time.

It gave me the idea of setting up YourLastMails, so that everyone would have the chance to deliver a final message to particular people, knowing that it would arrive in time.

Today, tomorrow and long after...

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